Cenote Diving

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The Pit

Access to the Pit is the same as the famous cenote “Dos Ojos “. The Pit is one of the few cenotes to be deep – about 130 feet -

Very similar to Angelita, the dizzying descent takes place in the blue. After a few minutes of descent, in the region of 90 feet, a strange cloud of hydrogen sulfate covers the bottom: The cloud is not very dense which allows us to cross without danger.

During the ascent to 45 feet, you will find two entries "galleries" where one of them joined the site of Dos Ojos.

A little higher at 33 feet, the dive continues with a view from the roof on the cylinder of light and some geological formations. Back to safety stop, we already think of our passage in this incredible universe. The transparency of water allows us to see the cloud on the background lit by an intense beam of sunlight.


Level: easy
Max depth: 130 feet/40 meters
Approx dive time: 40 min
Observe: light, speleothems, hydrogen sulfate layer.

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