Cenote Diving

Cavern Diving

Tajma ha

Tajma ha is located next to XpuHa 20 min from Playa del Carmen.

After a long drive through the jungle, you will be surprised by the small cenote we use for the cavern entrance. Tajma ha will surprise you by the diversity of the circuit. First, you go into a dark room of speleothems with a visible surface and a high ceiling.

Depending on the sunlight, you can see two stunning sun beams which are amazing, contrasting with the darkness of the room.

Then you continue and pass into a large tunnel where you can admire the “sugar bowl” room that possesses a huge light beam with large ceiling opening.

From the “sugar bowl” room, you will enter a very large hall where the light is given through this gorgeous “Esmeralda” cenote. At the end of the circuit, you return to the entrance and think about the different ambiances you have just experienced.

Tajma ha is certainly a great place.

Level: medium
Max Depth: 40ft/13m
Approx Dive Time: 50 min
Observe: light, fossils, halocline, speleothems, air “dome” and open surface.

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