Cenote Diving

Cavern Diving


Kukulkan is part of the very best Cenotes for the sun light effect. It is a 33 feet / 10 meters open area with a long light beam penetration from the sun, and the back view of the open area when you’re diving is just phenomenal!!! Located in Chac Mool site, you’ll be diving now in the upstream section where the water is very clear.

You will first “fly” in fresh water, enjoying the light effect, and then you will enter the cavern part and go right into the halocline. The blurry vision is at its maximum due to a low ceiling, but the wideness allows a shift to the left or right side of the front diver for a better view.

This cavern is made of pure white limestone that shines whenever a diver’s light illuminates it. You’ll see many fossils but few stalactites.

This multilevel and easy slow dive ends up in the Cenote where you‘ll admire many little crystal quartz incrusted in all the walls.

This dive is really perfect for pictures and beginners.

Level: easy
Max Depth: 50ft / 15m
Approx Dive Time: 40 min
Observe: light, fossils, halocline

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