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Are we talking about the extremely famous Cenote Dos Ojos?? Yes, Dos Ojos is THE very famous place, 40 min from Playa del Carmen. It is good for scuba diving with two amazing caverns, and it is also the best place to make a good snorkeling excursion.

The two eyes of Dos Ojos are located on the East and West side of this site. The one on the East side is the entrance for both dives; the other is the snorkeling entrance.

One circuit is the “Barbie line.” The guide will lead you for 45 min in big areas with numbers of astonishing columns born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and some of them are up to 25 feet / 7 meters high!! Also, there are big tunnels, open areas, caverns where you could just sit there in the dark and look back into the big wild entrance with all these amazing speleothems contrasting against light…

The other circuit is the “Bat cave,” which is at same entrance but you turn south and go for a big loop around the bat cave.

The dive is very dark but very safe with a nearby place to surface. The thing is that the high ceiling of the bat cave brings that darkness. The dive is again remarkable, full of speleothems, and within the middle there is a little surface to stop and just admire the roof of this room and see some little bats.

The dive will finish in a very shallow part leading back where you started and after that, you will know WHY Dos Ojos is so famous. Both dives’ depth do not exceed 30 feet - 9 meters- and very often have open areas which make this dive easy for everyone (with at least some knowledge about buoyancy CONTROL).

Level: easy
Max Depth: 30ft/9m
Approx Dive Time: 50 min
Observe: light, speleothems

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