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Cavern Diving

Chac Mool

A very famous place, 20 min away from Playa del Carmen right after the Puerto Aventura’s bridge. Chac Mool is for sure a place to know. The same site offers two Cenotes: “Kukulkan” see (cavern-kukulkan) and Chac Mool.

Chac Mool has two entrances, the main one, which is a big opening in the downstream section of the site, and also a small entrance called “little brother” which is actually a side entrance. The cavern is very amazing for the variety of scenes that will present themselves during the dive, like the two enormous caverns where you enjoy sun light and beautiful jungle view from underwater.

Then, in the other section you will see a “dome room” made of thin stalactites which are on one side a huge collapse, and this section gives us a view of approximately 30 feet / 10 meters of a decorated low (bottom) wall section.

In the same room, you will also surface into a big air pocket with air access. The ceiling of this “air dome” is an open book on the past few hundreds of thousands of years with the beautiful fossils you will find, as well as some little “baby stalactites” and giant tree roots cracking the thin upper limestone to get some water.

The maximum depth of 47 feet-14 meters - takes you through salt water... Nice halocline guaranteed.

Level: medium
Max Depth: 40fts/13m
Approx Dive Time: 50 min
Observe: light, fossils, halocline, stalactites, air “dome”

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