Cenote, cavern and cave diving

The Cenotes of YUCATAN in MEXICO always been a sacred place for the Mayans, but quite recently it became also the best place in the world to learn and practice underwater speleologie.

The Yucatan peninsula was for millions of years a world of dry caves, running by strong currents rivers.

The roof has been very slowly and beautifully decorated by amazing stalactites and stalagmites while the water was digging deeper and deeper into the thick limestone bedrock. When the ceiling becomes to fin, it collapse and a Cenote is born.

Around 15000 years ago, the sea level came up to the actual level filing these huge caves of sea water.

The fresh water from the rain is on top and run in the opposite direction-toward the sea. So now, why is cave and cavern diving so famous?? Well…We have in Yucatan the best diving condition, the water is crystal clear, the average depth are really shallow, the temperature of the water is around all year-long 78 °F and the current is very slow.

On top of that, all theses caves and caverns are beautifully decorated by stalactites, stalagmites, columns and amazing coral and seashell’s fossils. Hundreds of kilometers of Caves, around 15 Caverns between Puerto Aventuras and Tulum just waiting for you to come and enjoy scuba diving.

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