Cenote Diving

Cavern Diving

Cavern diving in the Riviera Maya is one of the most popular places in the world to practice this type of diving with a basic certification. There are 15 amazing caverns with different characteristics to see like the “halocline,” speleothem, sun light effects, unusual fauna and flora, etc.

You need a normal certification with some buoyancy skills to be able to enter these caverns. After that, you will get to experience all the magic of the Cenote diving, and why this seems to be so amazing to others will finally make sense.

Everyone coming back from this journey will advise you to do it since it is such a beautiful experience! Of course, you will be guided by a “full cave diver” and professional guide into these unique environments while following some very strict limitations and rules around the diving tour.

“Guiderivieramaya” will take you in an absolutely safe manner, using a very gentle approach while respecting the concerns of everyone. I can swear this will be the best experience of your trip in the Yucatan.

Cavern diving limitations are:
- day light zones
- limit of 200ft/60m horizontal penetration
- size limit for 2 divers side-by-side minimum
- max depth 65ft/21m

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