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Cave Diving

Cave diving is technical diving, and penetration into caves is authorized only if the diver possesses a recognized “CAVE” certification. With this pass, you have access to kilometers of cave line leading you through some of the most beautiful flooded “cave systems” of the world. There are experiences for all levels with always a stunning change of scenery.

If you don’t know about these places, “Guiderivieramaya” will guide you depending on your experience in cave diving and provide you with information about local laws and regulations. In the caves, the diving conditions are very easy, with very low currents, a shallow depth, and lots of stalactites, stalagmites, and columns.

On the other hand, these are sediment caves formed by limestone dissolution; bottoms and ceilings are FRAGILE, and we request from all divers great effort to care for these places, leaving them as intact and undisturbed as possible. For most of these places, you do not need other technical certifications such as “trimix” or “rebreathers” systems.

However, an “Advance Nitrox” or “Nitrox” certification is recommended. Limitations in choices of caves will be determined depending on your cave grade--“intro to cave” or “full cave”--and experience. More than 150 systems are known in the state of Quintana Roo. I will name just a few. For more information on cave diving, you can write to “info@guiderivieramaya.com.”

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