Reef Diving

Riviera Maya

Barracuda Sabalos Reef

Shallow reef next to Tortuga, in front of Xcaret Park, this same reef separated in two dive site is splendid, with a lot of life and colors.

The drift will take you north along a 10feet/3m wall that end in very shallow water you will jump to the next wall to continue the dive until the wall end again in shallow water.

With good air consumption you can do both Barracuda and Sabalos reefs.

During the dive you will observe all kind of tropical fishes like the amazing queen angel fish, queen trigger fish, file fish, trumpet fish, sting ray, barracuda, turtle eating on top of the wall, moray eels hiding into small caves and so more.

Yes this place is very nice and worth to be seen, you will for sure come back with many fishes in your eyes.

Level: easy
Max depth: 45feet/14m
Approx Dive Time: 60 min
Observe: numbers of tropical species, turtles, sting rays, barracudas, moray eels etc…

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