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Angelita is at least one hour away from Playa del Carmen and about 10 min south of Tulum. This place is as far away as it is special!! Once you get to the gate, you just have to walk 250 feet / 76 meters on a jungle path and you are NOW at the “Mayan underworld” gate: a big hole in the jungle.

This is it!! You dive down the bottom of the pit which is 200 feet deep / 60 meters, and about half way down you’ll find a very weird cloud. This configuration is a very thick Hydrogen Sulfate cloud from 90 to 110 feet / 27 to 33 meters, formed by the oxidation of the surrounding vegetation and the quietness of the water.

The pit is a sediment hill (formerly the old ceiling) right in the middle with the cloud on its top peak. Dead trees and huge trunks are having a kind of second life here.

Once you pass the cloud, here you are… the “Mayan underworld.” You may meet some weird creatures, monsters, or some kind of living gods, but trust me, all of this is in your mind. Maybe your light will produce some shadow with dead branches and add with it a little narcosis, and you may feel it is real, but don’t worry; we are on the way back to life.

After crossing the cloud back to the surface, it is like taking fresh breaths outside. Looking back down at your visit into this world, you will gently ascent with a multilevel profile to finish the dive.

Level: easy
Max Depth: 120ft / 40m
Approx Dive Time: 40 min
Observe: light, halocline, hydrogen sulfate cloud

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